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Favorite Aspect of my Job: Even though most people love Fridays, believe it or not, Monday is my favorite day of the week. It begins with new challenges, opportunities for bids and new job and relationship ventures.

My History with XYX: 17 years ago, Box Electric wired a couple of my restaurants. We built a friendship due to their honesty , and quality of work. Shortly after, I sold my restaurants, and I started to work with Box. I was a helper in the field. After 6 months, I began working on my own jobs. With hard work, dedication, and a background in management, my ideas and opinions were put to use. I learned how to estimate and began bidding on some small projects; which led to my current position as general manager. I run the company with the same quality and honesty on which it was built.

Personal: I arrived in the US in 1982. I was married in 1985 and now have two children. I enjoy the warm NC weather, boating, and watching sports.


Favorite Aspect of my Job: I really like people. I like our employees and our customers. I take extra pride in seeing our timely completion of jobs.

My History with XYX: I started in 1996, after I returned from Virginia Beach, where I owned my own company for five years. I have been performing electrical work for 30 years and sat for the NC Unlimited License exam in 2001. At Box, I was quickly moved to a lead electrician, or foreman’s position. I began to develop relationships with our customers back then, and I still talk and work with them on a weekly basis. One of my favorite projects was Dynogen Pharmaceuticals.

Personal: I like guns, avid sports fan. All things NC State or North Carolina professional teams. I have a wife of 21 years and I am very proud of my three children. My oldest daughter is 25 and an LPN, 20 year old daughter at NC State and a son still in high school at East Wake.